1. Political Science (Teaching Evaluations)

Head Teaching Assistant for PoliSci 114D/314D (IntnlRel 114D, IPS 230) “Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law” (Prof. Francis Fukuyama, fall 2015)

Teaching Assistant for PoliSci 148/348 “Chinese Politics: Transformation and the Era of Reform” (Writing in the Major Course, Prof. Jean Oi, winter 2015)

2. Other

Head Teaching Assistant for AmStud 124A / ArtHist 152 / English 124 / History 151 / PoliSci 124A “The American West” (Prof. Bruce Cain, Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Prof. David Freyberg, Prof. David M. Kennedy, and Prof. Alexander Nemerov, spring 2017)