University of Virginia

PLAP/PLCP/PLIR 7500 “Approaches to Environmental Politics” (G seminar crossing three subfields, spring 2019)

PLCP 4500 “Politics of Air Pollution” (UG seminar, fall 2018)

PLCP 3500 “Environmental Politics in China” (UG lecture, fall 2018)

Stanford University

Head Teaching Assistant for “Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law” (Prof. Francis Fukuyama, fall 2015). Average rating: 4.9/5.0.

Excerpts of Anonymous Student Comments
  • “Shiran knew the material in-and-out and accordingly was able to answer a question that might have only been peripherally related to that week’s lecture.”
  • “Not only did Shiran have a firm grasp of the material, and led our sections with confidence, but she provided real-world expertise on Chinese politics. She was adept and insightful and helped me to craft my ideas in a very mature way. Our section debates helped in applying concept and lecture to coherent thought. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Shiran.”
  • “Based on her experience, Shiran gave a lot of great advice on writing and thinking about things without factual errors or missteps in the logic. In-class debates are also super fun and respectful!”
  • “I wouldn’t know how teaching could be improved. I learned more in Shiran’s section than I have in any section for any class I’ve ever taken.”
  • “Honestly, Shiran is the best TA I’ve had. She is really funny, and hardworking! She was really approachable, too! And her passion for academia made me want to study IR even more!”


Teaching Assistant for “Chinese Politics: Transformation and the Era of Reform” (Writing in the Major Course, Prof. Jean Oi, winter 2015). Average rating: 4.8/5.0.

Excerpts of Anonymous Student Comments
  • “Shiran was an incredibly well informed and engaging TA.”
  • “I really loved how seamless the readings, lecture, and section were. I very much appreciated Shiran’s almost encyclopedic knowledge of the material and especially appreciated how she shared multiple other readings we could look at to solidify our learning. I was always excited to go to the section, and felt that they solidified my grasp of a number of topics.”
  • “Shiran goes over all of the main points for lecture and readings in a very systematic and helpful way. I particularly like receiving the outlines for our discussion before coming to section, because it gives me a chance to review the most important points of the readings.”
  • “Very available to discuss material outside of class and during office hours.”
  • “Shiran was an outstanding section leader and contributed significantly to our learning in the class.”


Head Teaching Assistant for “The American West” (“the most interdisciplinary course at Stanford,” Prof. Bruce Cain, Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Prof. David Freyberg, Prof. David M. Kennedy, and Prof. Alexander Nemerov, spring 2017). Average rating: 4.0/5.0.

Excerpts of Anonymous Student Comments
  • “Shiran is probably the most prepared and professional TA I have had here at Stanford as well as at Harvard for two years. If there were any questions she was able to explain and contextualize the material.”
  • “She would also be very supportive and give positive feedback about our ideas in class and in addition, she would help us make bigger connections that we might have missed.”
  • “Shiran asks meaningful questions and gives us interesting discussion questions.”
  • “Shiran gives out very helpful comments when asked about assignments, and is always happy to help when we need her to look over something.”
  • “Amazingly knowledgeable and helpful.”