University of Virginia

“Approaches to Environmental Politics” (spring 2019)

PLCP 4500 “Politics of Air Pollution” (fall 2018)

PLCP 3500 “Environmental Politics in China” (fall 2018)

Stanford University

Head Teaching Assistant for AmStud 124A / ArtHist 152 / English 124 / History 151 / PoliSci 124A “The American West” (“the most interdisciplinary course at Stanford,” Prof. Bruce Cain, Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Prof. David Freyberg, Prof. David M. Kennedy, and Prof. Alexander Nemerov, spring 2017)

Head Teaching Assistant for PoliSci 114D/314D (IntnlRel 114D, IPS 230) “Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law” (Prof. Francis Fukuyama, fall 2015)

Teaching Assistant for PoliSci 148/348 “Chinese Politics: Transformation and the Era of Reform” (Writing in the Major Course, Prof. Jean Oi, winter 2015)