Public Opinions on Environmental Policy Implementation

Working Papers

Shen, Shiran Victoria, Bruce E. Cain, and Iris S. Hui. “Public Receptivity in China towards Wind Energy Generators: A Survey Experimental Approach.”

Abstract: While extant works have documented public receptivity towards wind turbines extensively in developed democracies, less is known about the transferability of these findings outside the OECD. We examine these claims in China, who leads the world’s wind energy market and faces rising environmental NIMBYism. There are both points of similarity and difference between the attitudes of Chinese citizens and their counterparts in advanced democracies. On the one hand, Chinese citizens are sensitive to siting near their residences, to cost considerations when imposed on them directly, and to wildlife externalities. On the other hand, due to cultural and political differences, Chinese citizens seem to be more concerned about radiation, a finding unprecedented in the literature on public acceptance towards wind energy generators and are less assured by scientific assurances that radiation is not a problem. Instead, the Chinese government is best suited to address concerns about this topic. Within China, we find that the residents of the six geographic regions do not differ regarding their order of preference for different energy sources. This may mean that China will be able to transition more quickly than their democratic counterparts, where parochial economic interests drive preferences much more, into alternative energy strategy.

Wind turbines farmverticle turbine video snapshotVertical vs. Horizontal Wind Turbine Systems

Liao, Xianchun, Shiran Victoria Shen. “Why Purchase Green Appliances? Assessing the Determinants of Consumer Support for Environmentalism in China.”  The draft is available upon request.